A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Jared forgot to turn on one of his crazy machines and our world is collapsing with a dark version of it. Help him get to the lab so he can turn off the machine!

This game was developed from scratch in 48h during the StudentGameJam in Valencia. The version we made in the Jam had some serious bugs so we made a new one with some fixes and changing the end, but we are uploading both of them. In any case there are still bugs, but we don't intend to keep updating the game.

Made by:

- Art (Assets, characters & animations): Hermes Escriva

- Code: Jaime Muela and Juan Carlos Varea

All the background music and sounds effects where taken from https://www.freesound.org/.


JaredThings_v0.1.zip 24 MB
JaredThings_v0.2.zip 24 MB
jared_things_v0.2.apk 41 MB