"Overcharge" is a 2-player competitive game about two astronauts fighting for survival in a remote planet.

The objective is to destroy the enemy ship by throwing the energy core into it. By punching the core you can transfer part of your energy to increase its destructive power. You can also punch your enemy in the face, but be careful - you'll transfer your precious energy to them too!

The controls are:

Xbox controller:

- Jump: "A" button
- Punch: "B" button
- Charged punch: Hold "B" for a second and then release it


- Movement: wasd (player 1), arrow keys (player 2)
- Jump: "c" (player 1), "," (player 2)
- Punch: "v" (player 1), "." (player 2)
- Charged punch: Hold the "punch" key for a second and then release it
- Taunt: "t" (player 1), "p" (player 2)

This game was developed in 48h for the Global Game Jam 2018 by:

- Alex Lopez

- Jaime Muela Pérez (https://twitter.com/jaimuepe)

- Hermes Escriva (https://twitter.com/_hermeses_)

- Francisco Segura (https://twitter.com/fvsegura)

- Alberto Trigueros (https://twitter.com/GroovelStudio)

- Juan Hust Novella (https://twitter.com/Juan_Hust)


overcharge_x86_64.zip 29 MB
overcharge_x86.zip 27 MB
overcharge_mac.app.zip 33 MB
overcharge_linux.zip 49 MB