Raise your creature in an isolated city, unravel the secrets of the last egg at the end of the world. Take care of it and expect the better…or the worst.


  • WASD : Move
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Left Click: interact/pick/throw
  • Right Click: Release object
  • Shift: Run

About the game

This game was developed in 72h for the Ludum Jam 46 - Keep it alive. It's not as polished as we would have because we run out of time, so you should know:

  • The bars shown in the guy represent the "fullness",  "comfort" and "filthiness" of the creature.
  • You can feed the creature by throwing them the scattered food.
  • Your creature will get tired. You can hold it in your arms so it can rest.
  • The creature will change depending on how do you take care of it.

The team





akumachi_1.0_windows.zip 22 MB
akumachi_1.0_linux.zip 40 MB

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