[BOXAVERSE] is a game about helping the strange little people living in a cardboard box that has appeared in your backyard. You can give them orders to help fulfill their goals, using your magnifier to gain a new perspective of the small world.

The mechanics are simple: pick an action from the right bar, select the character that will take action and then the objective.

Tip: You can also press [Alt] if you are stuck - it will outline every interactive object in the scene that can be used at the moment.

It was developed during Ludum Dare 38 (2017).

Made by:

- Art: Francisco Segura

- Code: Jaime Muela

- Music / effects: Alvatross


Boxaverse.zip 25 MB


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what the darn was that last day

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The game is very cute, seeing the second day was a real "aw man that's great" moment. Who doesn't like miniature civilizations (like that one on benders behind in futurama, or the one in the simpsons). So, you had me hooked there and i played it to the end. It was interesting to see what happened next. Some parts were a bit tedious, where i wasn't really sure what to combine so i did it all. Nice game!