Post-Jam version

We've prepared a post-jam version of the game with a few changes pointed out by some of the players (thanks!) and adding a couple of things that couldn't make it in time.


  • We've fixed some issues with the navmesh that caused the dogs to try to go to unintended places (they still bug a lot but we tried).
  • The 'Exit' button from the pause menu now closes the game as intended. 
  • The dogs won't steal the balls when they leave the playground with one of them in their mouth.
  • The cellphone and the table where it stands won't be affected by physics anymore. The game can get a little hectic and sometimes it was really hard to find the phone.
  • The cellphone, door and foodsack can now be interacted with the key 'E'. This makes more sense than using the LMB since this is kind of a FPS.
  • The game gets a little repetitive after a while and wasn't challenging enough. We've changed it so as the game progresses, clients will let you in charge of more than one dog.
  • We've added a stand for the cellphone.
  • We've added a new dog that can spawn randomly instead of the current one. It also has 5 different textures.
  • We've changed the texts from the game to make it more understandable.

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Apr 23, 2018

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idk how to open it on my files on chromebook XD