A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

UPDATE 02/05/18

We've added a post-jam version with some fixes and improvements. The changelog can be found here: https://jaimuepe.itch.io/dogcare-center/devlog/32481/post-jam-version


Dog Care Center is a mix between first person shooter and pet simulator. As the manager of a little doggy daycare, you have to take care of your client’s dogs and keep them fed, happy and clean until their owners come back for them! Dream job, you say? Wait until those little puppers start to grow in number!

This game was developed in 72h for LUDUMDARE #41.

  • WASD: Move
  • Left Click: Shoot / Interact (only in the jam version)
  • E: Interact (only in the post-jam version)
  • Mouse Wheel: Alternate between Treat Gun and Watergun
  • G: Throw ball


From time to time you’ll receive a phone call from a person that needs your services as a dog carer. You better answer it fast, or it’ll affect your reputation!

Basically owners expect three things when they come back for their pets: they shouldn’t be hungry, they shouldn’t be dirty and they shouldn’t be sad.

The pets themselves will warn you when they are in need of any of those needs. For example, when they are bored they’ll show purple spirals on his head. You are well equipped to deal with this, but beware! It’s not an easy job.

For instance, you can use your treat gun to feed the dogs, but they get dirty when they eat. So now you have to clean them. Great! You can use your watergun for that (beware with this tool, it’s not yet in the market because it needs some tweaking).

But guess what - cleaning is boring, and they know it! You can play fetch with them with balls. By the way, you should get them back since you don’t have a lot of them.

And of course, playing with them makes them hungry!

Eventually the owners will come and get them back, so you better take good care of them. Also, don’t make the owners wait too much or they’ll get angry!






DogCareCenter_JamVersion_win.zip 25 MB
DogCareCenter_PostJamVersion_win.zip 26 MB
(UNTESTED) DogCareCenter_JamVersion_linux.zip 46 MB
(UNTESTED) DogCareCenter_PostJamVersion_linux.zip 46 MB
(UNTESTED) DogCareCenter_JamVersion_macOS.zip 29 MB
(UNTESTED) DogCareCenter_PostJamVersion_macOS.zip 30 MB

Development log


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how do you start 0-0

I can't play it, it's so laggy

howw do you start game huh

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I don't know how to start da game .w.

I'm weird

(1 edit)

Still don't get how to answer the door. E\mouse\any key really doesn't work

Update: It wasn't the door but the phone. But the one I checked was Nintendo Switch... I found the phone later. It was outside... =___=

that nearly made me cry i was so stressed out but it was adorable otherwise good job lol

on my Mac it said unidentified developer please help I really want to play this game

how  to open and play tho

What do you mean? If you are playing on windows you have to download the file, unzip it and open the. exe file. 

which is better, postjam or jam?

They are pretty similar, but the postjam version had a couple of fixes and improvements to make it more understandable and challenging. Also a new dog :) 


this is so cute!! took a while to figure out what to do though

also in the postjam windows ver it seems to be the mac one??

(3 edits) (+1)

Hi! I didn't notice it was the wrong build :| I've fixed It now. Thanks! :)

OMG the phone rang.  I shot three bones at it.  It did not answer.  Heck fren, how do I do it an answer?

Hey! Just in case, the phone is in a little table outside the house - a couple of persons thought the switch near the television was the phone. Other than that, it should work! LMB to interact  in the jam version, 'E' in the post-game version. 

there is a .exe file in there. so why is this not avalable on windows

My mistake! I fixed it, thanks!

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I can't opened it because protection system T^T I used Google Chrome to download it.

I can download it in different computers with no problem. What does it say?