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is the source code available


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


very relax me

Thanks for playing and making the video! Unfortunately the jam build was very broken as you can see :( 

Can you add double jump freature to your CharacterController2D in github :)

I understood there were bugs but I enjoyed playing the same: D

I liked the game.


Cutesy game that I thought would be much worse but it was very tame. The game has a few glitches, if you die a few times the little guys stop spawning, this was the second game I played.

Hey there! Thanks for playing :) Apparently there's a bug in the last build were the monsters stops spawning but I couldn't track it, so your video helps for sure. I'll look into it later 

Pyme's Genocyde is a fun little game. The visuals are bright and cheery and the models are well designed, especially for just 72 hours. The audio is pretty nice as well. It's really challenging at times, but this is a fine piece of work overall.

Good job, devs.

Thank you for sharing your game!  Really loved it!

Looks beautiful! Can you make a build for Linux (Universal 32bit+64bit) too? :)

Sure! I just uploaded builds for linux, but i couldn't test them. Please let me know if the work correctly. Hope you enjoy the game :)


Thank you, works like a charm! Such a happy, cute game :)

A little bug I found: after some time no more monsters spawned at the start. I guess there is maybe a limit of how many can be created or something?

When they are far from the player they are moved closer to him,  so that shouldn't happen. Did you play the jam version or the updated one? Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :) 

The updated one! At some point there were just no more monsters when I respawned (after the 10th time respawning or something) . Dying again didn't fix it to.

I replayed it and this time the bug didn't occur :)

It was hard but I managed to repair the ship. Lovely work, moar Pyme adventures please. :)


Thanks for the video!  I agree with you, that last part was very badly designed and we will fix that in the post-jam build, as well as the physics bug you had with the little guys and the 100% anticlimatic end... sorry about that, time constraints.

And again, thanks! It's really satisfying to see someone play a game that you've put so much work into :)


Still impressive what you've done in 72 hours. Now when can we get plush toys of the fuel aliens? ;)