About the game

"The Wanderer" is a game about fixing villager´s problems with strange potions, but beware, you have 10 minutes to complete the task!

This game was made in 48h for the videogame jam "Alakajam!". It was quite challenging since we don't have a lot of experience and we've only participated before in a couple of LudumDares, which are 72h long jams. However we think the game turned out pretty good for the time given!

How to play


Move: W, A, S, D
Open recipe book: TAB
Action: CNTRL


Move: Joystick
Action: A
Open recipe book: B

We hope you enjoy our game. Thanks!

· Jaime Muela (programmer): twitter.com/jaimuepe

· Fran Segura (artist): twitter.com/fvsegura

· Alvatross (musician): twitter.com/AlvatrossKid

Unfortunatelly we didn't have time to make a proper ending, so it's the same ending whether you run out of time or you help all of the villagers. We'll try to fix it in a future patch!


the_wanderer_windows_x86_64.zip 56 MB
the_wanderer_linux_x86.zip 58 MB
the_wanderer_linux_x86_64.zip 58 MB

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